Raisins are naturally sun dried grapes that are used in numerous applications including baking, trail mixes, chocolate panning or consumed as a stand alone snack.  Raisins have wrinkled skin, are naturally high in sugar, and work very well in most fruit/nut mixes.  Historically, wineries & the table grape market have offered a higher return for grape growers and these factors can cause raisin shortages even despite consistent global demand.

Common Sizes

Product grown in the USA are sized and labeled as either Selects, Bakers Midgets, or Midgets. 

Common Varieties

Thompson, Sultana, Flame, Golden, Currant, Zante

Origins/ Growing Areas

USA (California), Mediterranean areas (mainly Turkey), Iran, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

Harvest Time

Northern Hemisphere: August – September
Southern Hemisphere: January – March

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