The name, hazelnut, is often used interchangeably with filbert.  However, some would argue that hazelnuts are larger and harvested in the U.S., while filberts grow primarily in Turkey, Italy and Spain.  By far, the largest producer of these nuts is the country of Turkey.  Of the hazelnuts grown in the United States, 99 percent come from the rich soil of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  The region’s gentle climate and abundant rainfall produce larger nuts, with an exquisite flavor and freshness.

This sweet-tasting nut is sold in the shell and out of the shell, roasted and natural, and is used in all different cuisines. 

Common Sizes/Forms

Most hazelnut products are sold in the United States in its shelled (kernel) state or manufactured.  Natural kernels sizes include Jumbo, X-Large, Large, Medium and Small.  Diced products include Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small, Meal.  The product can be offered raw or dry roasted.  Hazelnut paste and butter is also available.

Harvest Times

Harvest begins in August/Sept and finishes at the end of October.

Common Origins

Turkey, Oregon, Spain, Italy, and some Eastern European countries

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