Pistachios have been cultivated for over 10,000 years and are considered to be one of the oldest edible nuts on earth.  California’s rich soil, year-round sunshine, and ample water supply combine to provide ideal conditions for growing the finest pistachios.  The Californian Kerman variety is thought to have superior flavor, texture and appearance compared to varieties from the Middle East.  Pistachios grown in Iran, Turkey, Syria and Greece, are more susceptible to staining and are commonly dyed to improve appearance.  The U.S. pistachio crop is harvested and processed quickly and is rarely, if ever, dyed.  This delicious kernel has an impressive health profile and is rich in B6, antioxidants, and potassium.    

Common Sizes (pieces per ounce)

18/21, 21/25, 26/30

Origins/ Growing Areas

U.S., Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Greece 

Harvest Time

Pistachio harvest from all origins usually begins in late August and goes through September. 

Common Forms

In-shell pistachios can be ordered raw, dry roasted/salted, dry roasted/no salt.  In-shell pistachios are available in three forms: Naturally opened, artificially opened, and closed shell.  Pistachio meats can be ordered raw, dry roasted/salted, dry roasted/no salt and oil roasted.  Pistachio meats are available in two forms: 80% Whole or Halves & Pieces.

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